Hello, my name is Renee Unterman, and I am running to be YOUR conservative fighter in Washington. I have called Gwinnett County home my entire life— I love this community and the people that make it such a wonderful place to live and raise a family. From an early age, I learned the value of hard work from my parents. My mother and father grew up in the depths of the Great Depression and married in 1935. Dad worked as a plumber and steamfitter, brilliantly navigating the world and providing for a family with only a sixth grade education. My mother raised five children from home and vowed that with a good education, each of us would have opportunities to succeed and enjoy a better life than her own. By the grace of God, she succeeded. I worked to pay my way through college and I earned a nursing degree from Georgia State University. I enjoyed my work as a cardiovascular nurse for many years and eventually earned a degree in Social Work from the University of Georgia.

When I moved to Loganville in the early 1980s, I was frustrated by the lack of playgrounds available for my son, a toddler at the time. At the urging of fellow mothers in the community I attended a Loganville city-council meeting and expressed our thoughts on the community’s need for public spaces to accommodate the many young families moving to the area. Instead of listening to our concerns, the all-male council ignored me, and the mayor looked at me and said, “Little lady, that’s tough luck.” I left that meeting promising myself that I would get those good ‘ol boys to listen to me and address our concerns. A few years later, I attended my second city council meeting as the newly elected mayor.

I have always believed that strong families lead to strong communities. That’s why I’m working on the kitchen-table issues, those that affect the quality of life right here in Gwinnett and Forsyth Counties. By taking on the issues that actually affect you and your family, I believe we can prepare for a brighter future and strong community for years to come.

I have made it my life’s work to FIGHT for our families and communities by:

  • Protecting the sanctity of life - I authored the Heartbeat bill, the STRONGEST pro-life legislation in Georgia history;
  • Cutting down government spending - I voted for and passed the largest income tax cut in Georgia history while balancing the budget;
  • Defending the 2nd Amendment – I voted for “stand your ground laws” to help Georgians defend themselves and their loved ones.

As I run for Congress, I’m often reminded of the sacrifices of my parents. Thanks to their hard work and determination, the daughter of a man with a sixth grade education is able to run to represent her community in Washington. It is proof that the American Dream is working, real, and no one will work harder than I will to see the American Dream preserved. As a former small-town mayor, county commissioner, and state Senator I have fought to strengthen families, protect children, and bolster our economy.

My record speaks for itself and I’m the proven conservative fighter the 7th District needs. You can trust I’ll be the same in Washington, fighting for you and your family on the issues that matter most. I hope you’ll join me.