McCormick admits he refused to vote for Trump

Rich McCormick’s squealing doesn’t change the fact that he refused to vote for Donald Trump for president while Renee Unterman campaigned for Trump and proudly voted for the leader she considers the best president of her lifetime.


It’s taken weeks for Rich to get his story straight. And it’s still not working. After all this time, he’s finally providing documentation that he requested an absentee ballot from a Florida county. That means he got the ballot and STILL didn’t vote for Trump, when the nation faced the dire prospect of a Hillary win.


Asked three times during the Atlanta Press Club debate why he didn’t vote for Trump, he ducked and dived and avoided giving an answer. Someone who voted absentee would have said so during the debate. It doesn’t take several weeks to remember. He had to buy time to research if he could get away with lying about it.


Renee Unterman’s campaign pointed out that Rich didn’t request an absentee ballot or vote in Georgia. She was right to assume that was the only place he could legally vote because he had a Georgia’s driver’s license during that time. That’s another reason he didn’t want to tell the truth.


Before realizing he couldn’t hide the facts, Rich let his campaign consultants, campaign chairman and even his own family members go on social media and claim that he didn’t vote because he was in Afghanistan. He didn’t even tell them the truth.


Refusing to vote for President Trump should disqualify any candidate running in a Republican primary. Letting your campaign insist you missed the vote because you were in Afghanistan when you weren’t should disqualify a candidate in any election.


Rich McCormick’s campaign of smears against Renee Unterman is funded by leading Never Trumpers. No wonder, until it was politically expedient, he was a Never Trumper too.