State probing McCormick voting irregularities


Seventh Congressional District candidate Rich McCormick’s voting history is now under investigation by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office after investigative reporter Dale Russell raised questions involving ongoing inconsistencies, Fox 5 reported Thursday night.


“Rich McCormick thought he was burying the truth. Instead, he buried a land mine that has now completely blown up his credibility,” said Brendan Jaspers, campaign manager for Unterman for Congress. “All Rich McCormick had to do was tell the truth and explain to voters why he refused to vote for Donald Trump when the nation faced the terrible possibility of Hillary Clinton becoming president.”


Fox 5 reported that “Voter records show McCormick was registered to vote in Florida from 2000 to 2019. But, he moved to Georgia around 2005. … We also found from 2005 to late 2019 McCormick was registered to vote in Georgia and Florida at the same time. He cast votes in both states during different elections.”


While there are allowances given to active duty military members, McCormick was not active for many of those years. Further, McCormick refused to answer if he filed state taxes in Florida or Georgia while he was living in Georgia. If he filed in Florida – which has no state income tax – the Georgia Department of Revenue will also need to investigate whether he committed tax fraud.


“In the debate, McCormick three times ducked the question when asked why he didn’t vote for Trump in the 2016 general election,” Jaspers said. “It seemed like a simple question. Now we know he has a complex dilemma because he was illegally registered in two states and got an absentee ballot from a state where he doesn’t live.


“McCormick’s story keeps evolving. We’re sure the next tale will be that he purposefully didn’t send in his absentee ballot for the president because he didn’t want to break the law. Of course, he could have just voted in Georgia – he had a Georgia driver’s license at the time – but that would require him to pay Georgia taxes, which he had no intention of doing.”


When Fox 5 asked McCormick in which state he was filing taxes when he was skipping back and forth between states to vote, he refused to answer.